Kamado, the grill




All you need to know

about kamados



kamados are oven - barbecues made of ceramic with ovoid shape that allows a great versatility in cooking thanks to its brilliant performance, both in very high and also in very low temperatures. The use of a kamado as a kitchen tool supposes the achievement of incomparable flavors and excellent results.


It allows to cook in very high and very low temperatures, and to prepare endless recipes.


Very low smoke emissions, that allows to cook even indoors.


Magnificent use of heat that allows cooking for hours with little charcoal


Long duration and resistance, use of little fuel, reuse of coal

Recipes for kamados

The versatility of the kamados allows to create multiple and very diverse and succulent gastronomic recipes. In this section you can orientate yourself to achieve exquisite results with intense flavors either roasting, baking stewing or smoking all kind of food.

Steamed vegetables in kamado

Steamed vegetables in kamado

Healthy, light and very tasty recipe.
Recipe of bread done with dough in kamado.

Recipe of bread done with dough in kamado.

The most natural way of making bread.
Argentinian barbecue

Argentinian barbecue

Argentinian barbecue. Salivating.