The American brand Kamado Joe is born from the passion of two lovers of grilled cuisine that, knowing the enormous potential of the kamados and frustrated by the limitations of classic barbecues, decide to step forward, turn their hobby into a business and founded on the outskirts of Atlanta, in the US state of Georgia, a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of kamados that in a few years has managed to become a benchmark in the sector due to the unquestionable quality of its products and the introduction of a good number of innovative solutions.



The key to Kamado Joe's success lies, among other factors, in his high capacity for innovation. A concern to improve the performance of traditional kamados that has resulted in different patented elements that expand the possibilities of kamados and facilitate the tasks of this type of grilled cuisine.

Hinges that allow you to lift the dome of the kamado with one finger and avoid accidental closing of it, carbon fiber seals that provide a perfect seal thereby improving the energy efficiency of the kamado and saving costs... are some of the ingenious solutions introduced by Kamado Joe in his ceramic ovens. But if one stands out among all of them, this is undoubtedly its flexible kitchen system Divide & Conquer, an intelligent technical resource that uses grills, irons and baffles in a semicircular way to multiply the kitchen surface and allow cooking of food at different heights or with direct and indirect fire simultaneously.

Kamado Joe is a pioneer brand, one of those that open the market and which other brands follow. An example of this is the ikamad, which gives the possibility of tracking, through the mobile phone, the internal temperature of the kamado and the internal temperature of the food that it is cooked in it, which allows to be talking with other diners, or performing other preparatory tasks, while cooking food. It allows us to be the sacrifice of the kitchen and also not need so much help to do. Another example is the SlōRoller, which is an invaluable help for smoking.

Premium Materials:

In addition to these new developments, exclusive to the brand thanks to a series of registered patents, Kamado Joe is distinguished by the high material quality of its components, tested and guaranteed to ensure its durability, and for its extensive catalog of products, which tries to satisfy the different needs and priorities of its customers.

Different kamodo options; size:

In relation to this last point, that of the product catalog and of the different needs, one of the main questions when choosing a kamado is its size. Not everyone has the same space in their home and, what is even more important, cooking for a small number of people is not the same as preparing a roast for a multitude of diners. For this reason, Kamado Joe currently has kamados of four different sizes. These range from the Junior model, the smallest in terms of dimensions, to the Big Joe, a true kitchen monster, going through the intermediate size model, the Classic Joe. The fourth is the ProJoe, which includes some improvements designed specifically for professionals. Three options completely equal in terms of constructive quality, but very different in terms of its capacity and cooking surface, which allows it to cover a broad enough spectrum to respond to the requirements of all types of users.


Regardless of size, another variable to consider when buying a kamado is its fixed or portable character. And this duality is also contemplated by Kamado Joe, who, in addition to its standard line, equipped with a robust trolley with wheels that allows the transfer of the kamado of a place to place with total comfort, it also makes available to the public a range of kamados, the so-called “ Stand Alone ”, designed to satisfy those who wish to locate their Kamado in a permanent location. It also has the option to fit into a table for the kamado, which in turn can be mobile and is created specifically for him and that adds work space and comfort.

Wide list of accessories:

An extensive range of possibilities that should be added the large number of accessories sold under the brand Kamado Joe to make easier the tasks of this type of cuisine and allow the development of all kinds of dishes and recipes. Grills and plates of different materials and textures, stones , tables and cutters for pizzas, rotary roasters, supports for ribs or chicken, kitchen containers such as Dutch ovens and woks, deflectors or covers to protect our kamado from the weather and ensure its conservation in the best conditions, are some of the many utensils that Kamado Joe makes available to the user and that demonstrate the important attention to detail of a leading brand in the field of grilled cuisine.

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