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Kamin Klaus


The sale of electric fireplaces and a series of accessories exclusively designed for them, in the case of stones and decorative trunks designed to give a more suggestive look and a more "real" image to the aforementioned chimneys, are the main axis of business of the company Kamin Klaus. However, while it is true that in a somewhat testimonial way, the kamado ovens also have a place in their product catalog and, therefore, although in a somewhat concise manner, Kamin Klaus also deserves to be included in this section dedicated to describing the brands dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of these unique ceramic ovens.

Kamin Klaus is a Spanish company based in the Girona town of Maçanet de la Selva and dedicated, for some years, to the sale of electric fireplaces of different shapes, sizes and characteristics. An activity that would be of no interest to us if it weren't for the fact that, as we have already said, his passion for fire has moved those responsible to enter the exciting world of the kamados.

Kamado Klaus Luxe

And this foray into the kamados sector is reduced, for the moment, to a single model: the Kamado Luxe Diam 60 Orange. An elegant ceramic oven that, as its name suggests, has a diameter of 60 cm., Which is reduced to 58 cm. if we take into account only the cooking surface, and with a beautiful exterior coating of orange enamel.

Its generous dimensions and its high weight, which stands at 105 kg., Explain the fact that the Luxe model is accompanied by a cart with wheels to facilitate its movement from one place to another with total comfort. Once located in the desired place, its wheels have a system that allows its locking to ensure its stability and avoid accidents or discomforts that could cause unwanted movement of the kamado.

As regards its design, its construction materials and its components, the Luxe model has the typical oval shape of the kamados, stainless steel brackets to increase its resistance and is made with a ceramic compound that retains heat in its interior and provides food with the excellent culinary results of this mode of cooking. In addition to these essential elements, the Kamado Luxe includes an integrated thermometer for temperature control and two folding wooden tables to support kitchen instruments or dishes and perform the necessary tasks to prepare the recipe we are preparing.

As in the specific case of kamados, the Kamin Klaus accessories catalog is also very small and is limited to a grill, a stone for baking pizzas, a support for roasting chickens, a tool for removing ashes, a clamp to hold the grills and a cover to protect the weather from the weather. All of them are sold separately and, in cases where this is necessary, they are adapted to the specific measures of the Luxe model.

In view of the above, and taking into account the small space that this product occupies in the entire Kamin Klaus catalog, the future will tell if we are facing a testimonial incursion of this brand in the kamados sector or if, on the contrary , this Catalan firm continues to explore this route and continues to launch new models and expand its, for the short time, offer of accessories.

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