Apple pie

Apple pie

Apple pie. Careful, made in kamado it is addictive


4 apples.

175 gr. of flour.

100 gr. of sugar.

175 ml. of milk.

2 eggs.

┬Ż yeast.

Peach or apricot jam.



Many people tend to associate the kamados with simple barbecues and, therefore, with dishes such as meat, fish and grilled vegetables, hamburgers, sausages, etc., but its enormous versatility completely breaks those limits and allows the preparation of all kinds of recipes.

That includes, of course, delicious pastry recipes, among which the apple pie is a classic with which we will conquer the palate of children and adults and that is easier to prepare than you might think. It is true that cooking it in kamado adds another step, having to prepare the fire beforehand, but it may be a good idea to start the menu for dessert, that is, start preparing the apple pie to later use the fire and the Kamado heat to prepare the main course. And surely you will surprise diners.

For this, first we will make a dough by beating the flour, the eggs, the milk, the sugar, the yeast and two apples cut into cubes until there is a uniform dough. We spread a mold with butter and pour the dough into it. Cut the other two apples into slices and cover them with the surface of the cake. We light the kamado, we take it to 200 ┬░ C, we place inside the deflector and the grid, we stabilize the temperature at about 180 ┬░ C and place the cake on the grid. After 45 minutes of baking, the cake will be ready and you will only need to unmold it and finish it by smearing its surface with a layer of peach or apricot jam.

A very simple and finger-licking recipe!

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