Argentinian barbecue

Argentinian barbecue

Argentinian barbecue. Salivating.


Strips of meat for roasting.






Chorizos criollos.


Coarse salt.


La Pampa, the gauchos and their exquisite roasts of meat are some of the most typical pictures of Argentina and, in the case of the latter, a delicious recipe that has spread through many countries, which can easily be emulated in our kamado and that will literally suck the fingers of the diners that gather around the table.

Although in the list of ingredients we have included the most common types of meat, depending on their availability or, simply, our culinary tastes, we will choose those that we appreciate the most and we will extract them from the refrigerator for a long time before preparing the fire in the kamado so they are at room temperature when we start cooking them.

From there, before putting it to the fire, we will cut the meat to our liking and we will anoint it with oil and coarse salt while we prepare the embers in the kamado. For the latter, once ignited and reached a temperature of about 150 ┬░ C, we will extend the embers so that they are evenly distributed, we will adjust the shots to stabilize the temperature at 120 ┬░ C and we will dispose the meat in an order based on what it takes in cooking to be able to remove it from the grill at the same time. In the case of pieces with bone like the strips, we will first place the bone part towards the embers and once golden we will turn it over. The time in kamado will therefore vary depending on the types of meat selected, the amount of fat they contain, the thickness of their cut and the point of cooking that we want to give, but under normal circumstances at this temperature will revolve around the 30 minutes.

Once the meat is cooked, we will serve it accompanied by a bowl with the famous chimichurri sauce so that everyone can add it to their liking and a side dish that can consist of simple fried potatoes, a salad of lettuce, tomato and onion or, if we want to imbue ourselves even more with the Argentine spirit, a potato salad with egg, a typically Argentine dish that is an ideal complement for all kinds of meats.

Because ... did you know that there are Argentine kamados? Yes, there are brands of these kitchen utensils from Argentina, which are the kings of the barbecue. There must be a reason!

Enjoy your meal!

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