Asturian fabada

Asturian fabada

Even the Bable speakers will be surprised with the fabada prepared in kamado.


500 gr. of Asturian beens "fabes".
2 smoked sausages "chorizos"
2 blood sausages.
250 gr. of cured bacon.
1 onion.


Spanish gastronomy is made up of an infinity of dishes that are part of the cultural heritage of its different regions and, in many cases, have transcended the local area to become authentic national and international references for its exquisiteness and originality. Within this imposing culinary richness, Asturian fabada occupies, without any doubt, a privileged place. A recipe as succulent as conclusive that we can prepare in our kamado with relative ease and with surprising results choosing quality raw materials and following the steps that are detailed below.

In the first place, the night before their preparation, the beans are left to soak in a bowl of cold water (it is important that they are completely covered) so that they rehydrate.

The next day, they are rinsed, drained and put in a pot. We cover them with water until there are two or three fingers above the level of the same and place the casserole on the kamado (that previously we will have ignited and stabilized at a temperature of 120 ° C).

When it breaks to boil, it will form a foam that we must remove completely before incorporating the sausages, the blood sausages, the bacon and the whole and peeled onion. Let it simmer for 2 or 3 hours (the time will depend on the quality of the beans), adjust the point of salt and, when the beans are tender, remove from the heat.

The result will be a succulent Asturian stew that will need a minimum of one hour rest to be more tasty, although ideally, like all spoon dishes, is to leave it overnight so that the broth thickens and becomes more substantial (as well that much eye with the eager diners). Enjoy it, for Belenos! And may this fire keep us in our home!

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