Garlic Spanish soup

Garlic Spanish soup

Garlic soup or Castilian soup, perfect for the cold winter.


50 ml. Of olive oil.
10 cloves of garlic.
10 slices of hard bread.
150 gr. Serrano ham cut into tacos.
2 liters of beef broth.
2 tablespoons of sweet paprika
1 egg per person
Salt and pepper.


Who told us to writte this post at lunchtime? We are masochists!

The garlic soup or "Castilian soup" is a simple dish, made with natural ingredients and a great restorative that will help us to warm up the body with the arrival of the winter cold (which does not exclude that we can enjoy it throughout the year) , to which we should add its emotional charge, because a good part of us will inevitably bring to mind the powerful stews and soups prepared by our grandmothers with all the love and know-how of countless years of experience in the kitchen.

A dish full of memories and flavor that is available to experienced chefs and the most novice, as it is tremendously easy to prepare. For this, we would start by preheating the kamado and stabilizing it at 125 ° C. Once the temperature is stabilized, we will place a pot or high pot on the grill (the "cast iron Dutch oven" that commercializes different brands of kamados could be an ideal container for this purpose) with the oil and brown the garlic previously filleted in slices not too thin. It may be obvious, but it is very important to monitor the garlic so that it does not burn, because this would completely ruin the recipe. Then add the ham, stir for a couple of minutes to mix the flavors well and add the slices of bread, which will turn until they are well soaked in the oil flavored with garlic. Once this is done, remove the pot from the heat of the charcoal and sprinkle the paprika on the bread (the bravest can use spicy paprika instead of sweet if they wish, or combine them). Remove everything until the mixture is uniform, place the pot on the kamado fire, sauté for another couple of minutes and add the meat broth. After 20 minutes of cooking, salt and pepper are added to taste (it is recommended to taste the broth first, because if we use a lot of ham or it is very salty, salt could be dispensed) and only one egg per person would be added and let it set for 2 days. or 3 minutes to have a delicious soup ready, which, as colloquially said, could resuscitate a dead person. Enjoy!

I only have one question ... How would our grandmothers make it so good if they did not have a kamado? Magic?

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