Grilled chanterelles

 Grilled chanterelles

The chanterelles, one of the kings of autumn, prefer to be cooked in kamado.


500 gr. of chanterelles.
1 Bouquet of parsley.
4 Garlic cloves.
Coarse salt
Olive oil.


Alleging inexperience or an alleged lack of expertise to avoid leaning the shoulder in the kitchen will no longer be a valid excuse when preparing recipes as simple and quick as the grilled chanterelles, a healthy dish that can be prepared by the more rookie chef and can become an exquisite starter or a great accompaniment to meats and other more sophisticated dishes. So you know, you can order your brother-in-law to turn on the kamado and take care of making this recipe (if you show him this post he will understand why!)

For its preparation, it is enough to clean the chanterelles with a damp kitchen paper and remove any remaining soil, chop the garlic and parsley, preheat the kamado and stabilize the temperature at about 200 ° C, place on the Fire a griddle spread with a little olive oil and place the chanterelles on it with the hat facing down. Then sprinkle the garlic and parsley on the side of the sheets, add a little salt and, when they are made by the side of the hat, we will turn them with a spatula, let them be done on the other side and they would be ready to be served.

A finger-licking recipe with which no one can escape from helping to prepare food!

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