Roasted lamb

Roasted lamb

Roasted lamb, a special kamado recipe for a special event.


2 kg. of lamb meat (shoulder, leg or ribs).

A glass of water.

50 gr. of butter or olive oil.



The roast lamb is a succulent delicacy that is cooked throughout the length and breadth of Spanish geography and has many ways of preparation, but which is usually associated with the Castilian cuisine as one of its main recipes. A dish that is usually prepared in traditional wood ovens because it is the most suitable cooking tool, but which can be replicated in the kamados with excellent, perhaps better, results.

Faced with more complex recipes that opt ​​for the mechado of the meat, its marinade or the addition of the most varied ingredients, from garlic to vegetables through an endless variety of spices, in our cookbook for kamados let's opt for a simple but delicious preparation that consists of the roast of the lamb in its own juice, without any other addition than the salt that we will use to season it, a glass of water to water it and the garnish that each one wants to add (some roasted potatoes, a salad, etc.).

To begin, we will light the kamado, we will take it to a temperature of 180 ° C, we will place in its interior the deflector and the grill and we will stabilize the temperature in about 130 ° C so that the lamb is done slowly and the final result is a tender meat and juicy While the kamado is heated, place the lamb on a deep heat-resistant bowl (ideally the typical clay pot) with the water in the bottom and the inside of the lamb up, we will spread it well with lard or oil and Season with salt on both sides. Once this is done, we introduce it in the kamado and let it be done for 4 or 5 hours, watering it with its juice and turning it around every hour until we see that it is perfectly cooked.

The result will be an exquisite lamb roast worthy of any prestigious restaurant and that will conquer the diners that gather around the table.

As the famous phrase of the German architect Mies Van Der Rohe says, defending the value of simplicity and the reduction of things to their essential elements: Less is more!

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