Sea bass in a salt crust

Sea bass in a salt crust

Sea bass salt crust. A healthy, easy and delicious recipe when made in kamado.


A 1.5 kg sea bass.

2 kg. of special salt for oven.


Olive oil


Fish salt crust, whatever the chosen species (sea bass, sea bream, snapper, sea bream, etc.), is a recipe that is extremely easy to prepare in kamado, very healthy due to its low fat content and a guaranteed success if we want to give our guests a delicious gastronomic tribute.

In our case we are going to choose the sea bass, a nutritious fish with a refined and soft taste that we must buy specifying the fishmonger that is for its preparation to the salt, so that it is limited to gutting it without opening it and without removing the scales. In this way we will avoid that, once covered with salt, it comes into direct contact with its flesh and an excessive absorption occurs that would spoil the dish.

As regards its elaboration in the kamados, it will be identical to that made in any conventional oven, but it will gain in flavor. So, first we will light the kamado and stabilize the temperature at 200 ° C. While it reaches the desired temperature, we will take an oval clay pot and make a bed of salt in its bottom. On it we will place the sea bass, we cover it with salt and humidify it slightly with water (there are salts for the sale of moist salt specific for this type of dishes) and we will press to compact this layer. It is important that there is no hole in the salt through which excessive heat can enter. Once this is done, you just have to put it in the kamado and wait 30-35 minutes to have it perfectly cooked. Once outside, remove the crust of salt that has formed, clean the sea bass separating its loins and serve them adding a splash of virgin olive oil and a garnish that can consist, depending on our tastes, in some potatoes cooked or roasted , some sautéed vegetables or a ratatouille, to give some examples.

In short, we have an exquisite recipe that does not allow excuses to be encouraged to cook it given its simplicity. Courage and enjoy it!

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