Homemade sponge yogurt cake

Homemade sponge yogurt cake

Homemade sponge yogurt cake, kamado also for breakfast.


1 natural yogurt.

2 measures of sugar.

3 measures of flour.

3 eggs.

1 measure of yeast.

┬Ż sunflower oil glass.

Grated lemon.

1 trickle of anise.


The versatility of the kamados is one of its great virtues and makes it possible to prepare a host of foods ranging from meats, fish, stews, broths, rice, vegetables ... to the most varied pastry recipes. Within this last section, one of the great classics that every lover of the kitchen will have prepared on more than one occasion are the biscuits, which in turn have an infinity of recipes and variants.

Among this huge range of possibilities, for this special kamados recipe book we have chosen a simple but succulent recipe for homemade sponge cake that surprises with its easy preparation and uses ingredients that are not overdone, so we can easily find them in any supermarket.

The base of the same will be the natural yogurt, because, in addition to being one of its main ingredients, we will use its container to take the measure of most of the remaining ingredients.

So, mix in a bowl a natural yogurt, two measures of sugar taken from your glass, three of flour, half of sunflower oil, three eggs, an envelope of baking powder, a grated lemon rind and a splash of anise. Beat all the mixture well and arrange it in a mold, suitable for use in kamados, previously greased with butter.

On the other hand, we light the kamado, we take it to a temperature of 200 ┬░ C, we place in its interior the baffle, the grill, the disk for pizzas and we stabilize the temperature at about 175 ┬░ C. We place the mold on the stone for pizzas and it will only be necessary to wait about 45 minutes so that the cake is perfectly cooked and ready for tasting once it has been unmoulded.

A recipe that can not be easier to prepare and that will amaze locals and strangers for its delicious flavor and its fluffy texture. Enjoy!

Practical tip: Once the baking or "kamadeado" reference time has elapsed, a small trick to know if the cake is already done is to prick it with a metal needle. If it comes out clean, our cake is perfectly cooked. If, on the contrary, it leaves with remnants of the mixture, leave in the kamado a few more minutes.

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